SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Step 3: Creating a Works Scope

In this step, the goal is to create and schedule a sampling events to be completed in the future. Commonly called a “work scope” or a “sampling event”. You will learn how to schedule a work scope event and pull the analytical parameters (tests) directly from the selected laboratory interface. You’ll learn how to add those parameters to each sample location, and how to change sample methods or just collect water level elevation only. We will also save time by copying an existing work scope to create a new work scope in the future. You will also learn how to generate sample bottle orders and enter lab billing information. We will then review how to create and utilize custom field data collection forms.

View and Add/Edit Project Personnel contact Information

Here we will teach you how to enter project personnel contact information. This is not to be confused with inviting somebody to be able to work on the project. This section of contact information is about being able to literally contact people. For instance, it may be the gas station manager or an adjacent property owner contact information, if for instance you need to be able to call that person prior to accessing their property. Invited users will also be listed here as well.

Pre-Print Chain of Custody
(Non-Particitipating Lab)

Many don't feel comfortable switching to a digital chain-of-custody just yet. In these cases, you can pre-print a nearly complete paper chain-of-custody prior to commencing your sampling event. You simply fill out the date and time for each sample collected and then place the completed paper chain-of-custody in the cooler prior to shipment. This saves a significant amount of time on manual completion of the COC and also includes all the project detail on the chain-of-custody.
Step 4

Set up a new project in a matter of minutes.

SampleServe works out of the box. Simply upload your soil or groundwater data.

Create your project

Get set up in less than 5 minutes. Create your project, add your team, add your site details and your up and running.

Add your data

Set up a new site in minutes by uploading your well, field, and analytical data. Import via excel or CSV.

Download your report

After reviewing new data, download your report.