SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Simplifying an Emerging Industry

Hemp and Cannabis testing is different in many states. SampleServe conforms to many different testing regulations including our Patented Digital Chain-Of-Custody, Customized Forms, GPS Location Stamping, and Laboratory Integration.

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Built For Efficiency, To Help Farmers Stay On Top Of All Regulatory Standards

Medicinal/Recreational Marijuana

SampleServe is built around our sampling labeling system, which integrates with many states Seed-To-Sale Tracking requirements. With our Patented Digital Chain-Of-Custody we ensure where each sample is sourced and easily track each transfer of custody.

SampleTHC cannabis sampling and reporting
SampleTHC cannabis sampling and reporting

Industrial Hemp/CBD

Hemp Regulatory Compliance can be costly, and active testing is required to reduce the chance of a Hot Hemp Batch leading to lost time and resources. SampleServe helps to minimize loss by making sample and testing more efficient. Our software uses GPS coordinates so you can easily track where each sample is located so Farmers can quickly isolate possible non-compliant crops. Hemp Sampling is time sensitive as THC levels can change quickly. SampleServe helps to speed up the process from sample to report.

How can SampleTHC Help You?

Save time. Lower cost. And eliminate the need for paper.

Peace of Mind

Regulatory Standards place a high burden on Hemp and Cannabis growers. SampleServe is there to help Farmers know they are well within compliance.

Digital Chain-Of-Custody

Know with certainty the Who, the Where, and the When of every sample collected and every transfer of custody.


SampleServes Digital Solutions are built to make sampling easier. No messy paperwork with streamlined sampling, testing, and reporting.