SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

An App for
COVID/Flu Sewer
Effluent Sampling

By testing sewer effluent, you can determine if anyone upstream of the sampling location has COVID/Flu

SampleServe Covid Sewer TestingSampleServe Covid Sewer Effluent Sampling Software
SampleServe Application Software for Sampling Sewer systemsSampleServe Covid Sewer Effluent Sampling
  • When an increased viral load is detected during wastewater surveillance, individual testing can be deployed and other management strategies like masking or social distancing can be implemented.
  • SampleSWR is easy to use and works on any smart mobile device. It has a simple sample collection and chain-of-custody process.
  • Digital data collection means sampling staff get the job done faster and more accurately.
Scan whole communities or individual facilities for infectious disease. It's less disruptive than individual testing while giving you days of advance notice before outbreaks can spread.

Eliminate Paper and Data Bottlenecks

Know Faster


SampleServe Environmental Report Software
  • SampleSWR is simple to set up and can import data directly into your labs information management system.
  • Save 20% of your time in the field sampling.
  • Raise margins by cutting out redundant tasks and eliminating the need for paper documentation
  • Transfer data faster by starting digital, and staying digital.

How It Works

SampleServe Environmental Reporting Software
  • Each sample is automatically and intelligently tracked through unique QR coded sample containers with a smart digital chain-of-custody.
  • Sample locations are automatically tracked by GPS coordinates for easy, fast, and accurate reporting of results.
  • SampleSWR is a simple to use web based mobile application that allows users to easily collect wastewater samples for analysis.

Big Benefits. Unmatched Capabilities.

SampleSWR is easy to learn and to use. Most samplers can be trained in under one hour!

Expand Your Markets

Easy sample collection allows virtually anybody to become a trained professional sample collector.

Fast Results

When data starts digital, and stays digital, the data chain runs faster and smoother with less errors.

Secure Data

All data is stored securely on Amazon Web Servers. All users are protected with 2 part-authentication.

Plan Ahead and Forecast Work Scopes

Sampling staff work scopes are clearly defined, with GPS sample location.

Sample Anywhere, Any Time

All field staff need is access to a mobile data connection on a smart device.