SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

"We've eliminated paper and saved a ton of data entry time by using SampleServe's field app."

Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson Environmental Manager Blarney Castle

Environmental Manager

Blarney Castle

Paper Has Been Cancelled

SampleServe Environmental Field App
  • The Field Technician using the app receives all sampling details and instructions directly from our web based project management tool, automatically.
  • Access all project information from wherever you are. The entire workscope, contacts, sample locations, photos, and detailed instructions. No paper needed.
  • The Project Manager can track field technician activity and progress in real-time and review data as it’s being collected.

Collect Samples and Print Labels in the Field

SampleServe Environmental Field App and Printer
  • Photos of sampling locations and other significant features can be collected and available as part of the record.
  • An immutable and precise GPS and timestamp are collected with each significant event like sample collection and/or custody transfer.
  • Bar-coded and QR coded sample bottle labels are printed in the field at the time of sampling (or pre-printed without a field printer).

Transfer Custody Digitally

SampleServe Digital Chain of Custody
  • Sample collection and custody is tracked in a clear and concise manner using our patented digital chain-of-custody (D-COC).
  • Three-part authentication digital chain-of-custody is used to convey laboratory instructions to the laboratory in advance of sample arrival. It’s better and more accurate than paper COC.
  • QR coded custody seals for coolers are printed from the application. Know what’s in the cooler without having to open the cooler.
  • Sync and share without data loss

Reasons to get the Field App

Save time. Lower cost. And Eliminate Paper.

Eliminates Paper

Field Data is synced automatically or can be downloaded or emailed from the app.

Works Offline

The application works with or without wireless data connection. When you connect, the data is automatically synced.

Easy to Use

Most Users become proficient in about 3 hours.