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SampleServe Direct To Report TechnologySampleServe Laboratory Electronic Data Deliverable

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SampleServe Environmental Report Software
  • Save your clients 60% - 90% on reporting costs.
  • Raise your labs profit margins while saving your clients money.
  • Login samples faster using SampleServes Laboratory Login Application
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How It Works

SampleServe Environmental Reporting Software
  • SampleServe's Direct To Report Technology  allows lab data to be imported directly into customizable graphical reports with the drag and drop of a CSV file. (Custom API's Optional)
  • Lab results connect to sample projects inside SampleServes Report Generator, requiring little effort to finalize professional graphics.
  • By Partnering with SampleServe, your lab clients get access to the entire sampling and reporting platform which saves 20% on sampling costs, and up to 90% on reporting time and effort.

Big Benefits. Unmatched Capabilities.

SampleServe is the preferred environmental reporting platform for leading environmental managers and consulting firms. Partner with us to retain and attract new business.

Attract new business

Help your clients improve turn around time, and reduce reporting and field related costs and improve profit margins.

Forecast demand

With deep insights into your clients upcoming projects, sample bottle orders can be handled automatically and incoming sample volumes can be forecasted

Improve turn around time

Rush samples and short hold times are automatically flagged even before the sample arrives.

Predict upcoming projects

You'll have the ability to view your clients upcoming scheduled sample events months or even years in advance.

Automate bottle orders

Automated sample bottle order placement. No more last-minute rushing your clients their sample bottles because "they forgot".

Project foresight

Incoming sample volume and test parameters are viewable when a sample project is scheduled and when initiated.

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