Project Management Tool

The SampleServe platform begins with a simple to use web-based project management tool that saves Project Managers time on scheduling and communication. All project sampling details are managed easily and effectively.

Mobile Field App

Collect and transmit all relevant environmental data including GPS and photos. Print bar-coded and QR coded sample bottle labels in the field. Increasing accuracy while also making field staff 20% more efficient.

Laboratory Login App

For the lab, the bar-coded labels coupled with the digital chain-of-custody instructions saves them significant labor costs on data entry and completely eliminates any transcription errors.

Report Generator

When all laboratory analysis is complete, reports can be generated within seconds. Data Box Maps, Groundwater contour maps, iso-chemical contour maps, graphs and data tables, all generated in seconds. Our software can take all data and generate all the required reports in an instant, at about 15% of the cost of more traditional methods.

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