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Eric Johnson, Blarney Castle Oil

Erik Johnson

Environmental Manager

Project Management Tool

All project sampling details are managed easily and effectively. Our web-based project management tool can save Project Managers time on scheduling and communication.

Project Management

Get set up in minutes

  • You can manage as many projects as you like at no charge. The project management tool is FREE.
  • Project set up is simple and intuitive.
  • Most projects set up in under 10 minutes.
  • No limit on the number of maps per project. Each project can have multiple maps, areawide maps and zoomed in hotspots.
  • Sample locations/wells are easy to locate and place on maps.
  • Projects can be scheduled weeks or years in advance.
  • The project management tool directly communicates all sampling details to the sample technician.
  • Link directly to your preferred laboratory.

Link directly with your lab

  • Link directly with your preferred laboratory
  • Sample bottles ordered automatically. No more last-minute shipping.
  • Laboratories are automatically notified of any schedule changes or rush samples.
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SampleServe works out of the box. Simply upload your soil or groundwater data.

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Set up a new site in minutes by uploading your well, field, and analytical data. Import via excel or CSV.

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