SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Built for Drinking Water Testing Labs

Bacteria - E. Coli - Nitrites/Nitrates - Lead - Copper

Branded Labels

A Platform with your name on it

  • Customize sample labels and add your logo to the online platform
  • The Unique Sample ID tracks all data from start to finish.
SampleH2O custom bottle labels
SampleH2O progressive web app for drinking water
Sample collection

Information is entered once

  • Customers follow the supplied url to input sample information
  • Forms are easy and simplified featuring auto-fill functionality
  • Information is sent directly to your labs web portal. Keep track of clients status in realtime
Accepting Samples

Login samples in seconds

  • Sample Information stays connected digitally. Simply enter the sample ID and the sample is accepted
  • No reading handwriting, less errors and no repeat customer data entry
  • By cutting hours in documentation labor, labs can focus on getting results out the door quick
SampleH2O progressive web app for drinking water testing
SampleServe Progressive web app for drinking water testing
Data Delivery

Input results in seconds and send reports automatically

  • Track and sort customers by status such as confirmed payment, sample received and more
  • Inputting results is quick and easy
  • Reports are generated automatically and sent via email to the customer and other regulatory agencies with the click of a button
Automatically Generate Reports

Complete Reports Made Easy

  • Send reports to regulators, clients, home inspectors with a click of a button.
  • Reports are customized to fit your brand.
  • Reports sent via email - no login required.
SampleH2O progressive web app for drinking water testing

How can SampleH2O Help You?

Save time. Lower cost. And eliminate the need for paper.

SampleServe eliminates the need for labor intensive paper

Eliminates Paper

All Sample Data is connected with
a unique sample ID. Information is entered once and follows the sample from start to finish.

Track sample real time with SampleServe

Track In Realtime

Track Samples in realtime from tap to report. Sort Samples by customer name, address, status and more.

Efficiency if your friend


Time is money! SampleH2O is built
to help labs finish more reports faster!
Focusing on actual testing instead of messy paperwork and documentation that cost labs valuable time and resources.