SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Driving Effectiveness

The SampleServe solution is built on a simplified workflow that eliminates traditional bottlenecks and errors, integrates field and laboratory data, and reduces the level of effort by project and field personnel.

Driving Cost Reductions

SampleServe users are finding reductions in costs across the board from saving time setting up projects, sampling in the field, logging samples in the lab to generating professional graphics and reports.

SampleServe Cutting Environmental Costs

Why Unit Price?

When a type of work becomes repetitive and is easily divided into semi-equal units, the work eventually becomes a commodity. For instance no reasonable contractor would ever consider hiring a roofer under a “time and materials” contract. The reason, most roofers use a piece of technology called a “nail gun” so they can install roofs faster and increase profit margins. Under a “time and materials” contract, the nail gun would mean less revenue and so a manual hammer and nail would likely remain the default tool used.

Unit Pricing

Time & Materials

Adopting Technology

Using a time and materials contract, means that speed and efficiency enhancing technology for tasks will likely not be adopted or at minimum delayed as long as possible. However, most consultants are happy with the fixed price reimbursement as it will actually allow them to increase their profit margin through the adoption of time saving work practices and various technological advancements related to completing the work (like SampleServe). The potential for higher profits drives efficiency, innovation, and technological advancement.

Switching Costs

Understandably, our clients who are using an enterprise level system for technical or financial management are reluctant to add more cost by integrating a new solution. SampleServe makes it easy, there are no up-front costs, no subscription, or ongoing fees. Our clients pay only when they use the application as they sample.

Connecting All Stakeholders

Seamless access enhances communication, early detection of field/data discrepancies and accelerated decision making.

  • Clients determine who can access the platform without limitations, including consultants and their teams, laboratories and company owner's personnel.
  • Quickly view the status of any project in their portfolio.
  • Spot check any given engineering consultants work themselves, quickly and easily.
  • Have access to your data anytime you want and also be able to generate the same graphics and images yourself, should you choose to.
  • A system that has built in data alarms which indicate critical data issues, exceedances, or violations.

Enhancing Enterprise Data Management

Our clients who have enterprise level data management systems appreciate the simplicity of use and high adoption rates by their project and field personnel. Integration with enterprise data management systems is effective and efficient with simplified electronic file transfers

SampleServe Environmental Data Flow