SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution



The Project Management Tool, is simple to use and allows environmental sampling projects to be set up and sampling events scheduled, down to the most minute detail. This includes communication with the selected laboratory for bottle orders and scheduling and it also includes the creation of custom forms for other types of data to be collected during a sampling event.

The Mobile Field App, (SampleENV) allows field technicians to collect all kinds of field data related to sample collection (Photo’s, GPS,Field data, etc..). You can also collect samples and print sample labels (refer to label options) and export data instantly from the device in either PDF and/or csv. file format. It will also generate a chain-of-custody using our patented digital chain-of-custody process, which can be used by participating labs. The chain-of-custody can also be prepared and used as a paper chain-of-custody(refer to printing options) or used electronically.

Our Lab Login App, (SampleLOG) is designed to be used by laboratories for receipt of samples generated and submitted using the SampleENV sampling field app. The Login App allows labs to receive samples via our patented digital chain-of-custody process, which means they can receive and enter data 90% faster than they did before.

Fee For Reporting

You might wonder what’s the catch? Well, we’re hoping that you’ll like our SampleENV field app product so much that you’ll be enticed to subscribe to our paid report graphics generation tool. It’s not required that you subscribe, but enough users are converting to subscribers that it makes it worthwhile for us to offer our project management tool, our field sampling app, and lab login app at no cost. Our paid Report Generator services will be available at no cost for new user workspaces for a period of time (30-Days) after joining. After the introductory period, for free users that have not subscribed to reports, the graphics generated from the report generator will be heavily watermarked. It's not required to be a paid report generator subscriber to use the Field App andProject Management tool. Those will remain free.

Currently the report generator graphics include customizable:

  • Data Box Maps
  • Iso-Chemical Contour Maps
  • Groundwater Flow Contour Maps
  • All Kinds of Analytical & Field Data Graphs
  • And All Kinds of Analytical & Field Data Tables

Pricing for Report Generator

There are no sign-up fees, user fees, monthly fees, or annual fees! We simply charge for new samples collected going forward from the date of the project initiation. Pricing starts at $15/sample and can be adjusted downward based on overall annual sample volume. If you are interested in discounted pricing, simply send an email to detailing your annual sample volume, and we will respond with a discounted rate and pricing agreement.

Data Export - 3rd Party Reporting Products

SampleServe is happy to export data to other 3rd party reporting software products, however, the fees to provide for this data export is one-half the price quoted for the use of the SampleServe reporting product.

Use Your Device

Mobile Device Selection Guidance for SampleENV and SampleLOG:

  • For both Apple and Android, we recommend10" tablet screens and a ruggedized case to optimize ease of use, readability, functionality, and protection.
  • For Android users, we recommend the Android Tab A7 10.4". The Android Field App can be downloaded here: SampleServe Field App.
  • If you are an Apple user, the Apple iPad version is available HERE.
  • Currently, the Lab Login App is only available in Android HERE.

Label Printing Guidance

There are two ways to generate labels, you can:

  • Pre-print labels in the office using a laser printer. This video explains how that works: Pre-Print Labels. You simply pre-print your completed labels then write your name, date, and time, on the label at the time of sampling.Everything else works as normal. We recommend Avery Labels 5523 (10 to a page). Or you can complete bottle labels completely by hand, the App will tell you the information to write on each label.
  • Or, the best way to print labels is, in the field at the time of sampling (recommended) with a Zebra ZQ521. Be sure to order a battery and a charger. If you are a free user of the mobile field app and want to also print labels in the field, you can order labels directly from SampleServe by sending an email to and indicate how many rolls you would like.Each roll has 185 3-part waterproof labels per roll. Each roll costs $27.75($0.15/label), plus shipping. Some labs may also provide labels. If you subscribe to the "reporting services" described above, labels are included at no cost (shipping not included).

Getting Started is Simple

Getting started with SampleServe involves 6 simple steps. Each step has in depth video tutorials as well as 24/7 support. Your success is our Success!

Getting Started With SampleServe Getting Started with SampleServeSampleENV 6 Steps

Free Use Terms/Conditions

SampleENV and Project Management Tool

SampleServe reserves the right to modify these rules and conditions at any time, or if it chooses, to completely cancel the no cost use program at any time with a 30-Days’ notice to current users. Data stored in SampleServe for projects not subscribed to the paid reporting services, will be available for download for 30-days after the notice is given. Users determined to have abuse the spirit and intent of the free use product offering, will have their accounts suspended and then reviewed by SampleServe. Other terms and conditions listed in the main terms page also apply.

SampleLOG - Lab Login App

We request that the lab provide a login link to the SampleServeProject Management Tool somewhere on its website. In return for the direct link, we will automate the default “Lab of Record” setting for the sampling project(s) from that user link to the lab from which the link/user came from. We are also requesting that samples delivered to the lab using the SampleServe SampleENV app, have the resulting lab data uploaded back to the SampleServe platform, unless specifically opted out by the customer. If the customer wants data delivered in other ways as well, that's ok too.

If you would like to get to work, simply sign-up and get started . The report generation feature will remain free and active for 30-Days. The process is easy, and anybody can learn the whole platform in about 3 - 4 hours. We’ve created an online self-training program linked here: Self-Training Videos Check it out!

We are looking forward to working with you. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like special pricing on reporting services.