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October 30, 2023

Why Top Management in Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms Are Scaredy-Cats About Tech

Russell Schindler, CEO, P.G.

Russell Schindler is the founder and CEO of SampleServe, Inc. a company specializing in collecting environmental samples, data automation and environmental reporting. Mr. Schindler also founded Compliance, Inc. an environmental engineering company with offices in Detroit and Traverse City, MI. Russell is a Professional Geologist and a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds 7 patents related to environmental groundwater remediation and environmental data management and digital chain-of-custody. Russell is the founder and host of a monthly technology meetup group in northern Michigan call Russell is an avid sailboat racer and has completed 14 Chicago to Mackinaw races and 6 Port Huron to Mackinaw races.

Ah, technology—the double-edged sword that can either make you a hero or a zero in the environmental consulting and engineering world. While the young whippersnappers are busy Snapchatting their way through the latest software updates, some members of the top brass are still trying to figure out how to turn on their smartphones. Let's delve into why some of our esteemed leaders are more hesitant than a cat near water when it comes to technological innovation.

The "Get Off My Lawn" Syndrome

You know the type: the seasoned veteran who's been doing things the same way since the Earth was cooling. These folks see new technology as a personal affront, like someone just kicked their lawn gnome. But here's the kicker: they're also worried that the tech-savvy youth will speed past them on the corporate ladder like they're standing still. And let's face it, they kind of are.

The Money Mirage

Ah, the almighty dollar—or the lack thereof. Investing in new tech can be as nerve-wracking as betting it all on red. "What if it doesn't pay off?" they wonder. Well, what if it does, and you're left in the dust, counting your pennies while your competitors are making it rain?

The "I Can't Even" Dilemma

Some top managers look at new software like it's written in hieroglyphics. The fear of not understanding the latest tech can lead to decision paralysis. But here's a newsflash: you don't need to be a rocket scientist to get it. That's what the IT department is for!

The AI Apocalypse

Ah, Artificial Intelligence, or as some managers like to call it, "that thing from sci-fi movies where robots take over the world." The mere mention of AI sends them into an existential crisis. "What if AI gets ahold of our data? Will the world end?" Spoiler alert: it won't. But your company might fall behind if you don't embrace the AI revolution.


Yes, cyber threats are real, but so is getting struck by lightning. That doesn't mean you should never go outside. Data security is important, but it shouldn't be an excuse to avoid innovation like it's the plague.

Workflow Woes

"New tech will mess up our workflow!" they cry. Well, maybe your workflow needs a little messing up if it's still based on how things were done when fax machines were considered cutting-edge.

The "Been There, Done That" Excuse

Some managers are like that one friend who still talks about how they got burned in a relationship ten years ago. They've seen tech fads come and go and are skeptical about the new kid on the block. But guess what? Times change, and so should you.

The Training Trauma

Ah, the thought of having to train employees on new tech sends shivers down their spines. But let's be real: if your team can binge-watch an entire Netflix series in one weekend, they can handle a couple of training modules.

So, What Now?

So, if you're a top manager in an environmental consulting and engineering firm and you find yourself nodding along, maybe it's time for a little self-reflection. Technology isn't the enemy; stagnation is. Don't let your fear of innovation turn you into the office dinosaur. After all, we all know what happened to them.

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