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We will demo the SampleENV platform and give a high level view of the project management tool, the mobile field sample collection app, the digital chain-of-custody process, the lab login app, and the reporting and graphics generation functionality. If you also want to see the Municipal drinking water sampling application, let your instructor know.

SampleServe Field App
SampleServe Field App

We will show you how SampleH20 Streamlines data collection and reporting workflow for traditional drinking water laboratories. Whatever the parameter, Bac-T, E. Coli, Nitrites/Nitrates, Lead and Copper, or others. This simple to use, affordable and easy to set up solution saves labs time by using our digital data acquisition and chain-of custody. Data only needs to be entered once, by the client, saving your lab time and reducing data entry errors. Lab reports are then easily generated and automatically sent greatly increasing your labs efficiency and decreasing the time and cost from sample receipt to issued data report.

We will demo SampleServes Digital Chain-Of-Custody features along with our Customized Forms, GPS Location Stamping, and Laboratory Integration. We will demonstrate how using SampleServes workflow dramatically increases farmers capabilities in maintaining compliance and easily track every sample from Seed-To-Sale.

SampleServe Field App
SampleServe Field App

Lab Login App

We will demonstrate how SampleServes Digital Chain-Of-Custody makes logging in samples quick and effortless. Using our sample bottles labels and QR codes saves labs time on data entry and eliminates transcription errors. We will also demonstrate how our Lab Login App can also push our Digital Chain-Of-Custody and sample data instantly to your LIMS.

Here's What You Will Learn

Introduction to our product suite to see which products work best for your needs

Digital Chain-Of-Custody

Know the Who, Where, and When of every sample collected and every transfer of custody. We secure every sample with our 3 part authentication including a date and time stamp, and GPS coordinate.

Efficiency Is Your Friend

Forget about handwriting and endless paperwork. Digital technologies are the future, and we're leading the way to digitize the sampling and reporting industry.

Generate Reports Instantly

Spending hours creating reports is labor intensive. SampleServe generates reports in seconds without the need of costly GIS staff or Auto CAD. Simplify the workflow with an environment anybody can easily learn.