SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

The Lab App

The SampleServe Lab App was custom built for participating labs and gives a significant competitive advantage.

QR Code Scanner
  • Sample bottles collected using the application arrive with both bar-code and QR code affixed.
  • All sample bottles can be logged, and data entered in a matter of seconds by scanning the QR codes using our mobile laboratory application.
  • Resulting data can be bulk added to your LIMS
SampleServe SampleENV QR coded Sample Bottle Labels
Digital Custody Transfer
  • The draft digital chain-of-custody arrives when sampling is completed. Typically, the day before samples arrive.
  • The digital chain of custody can be converted to paper chain of custody quickly and easily if needed.
  • The digital chain-of-custody can be digitally signed as received by your staff simply and easily.

Big Benefits. No Cost.

SampleServe is the preferred environmental reporting platform for leading environmental managers and consulting firms. Partner with us to retain and attract new business.

Attract new business

Help your clients decrease errors, improve turn around time, and reduce reporting and field related costs.

Forecast demand

With deep insights into your clients upcoming projects, sample bottle inventory and demand can be forecasted.

Improve turn around time

Rush samples are automatically flagged even before the sample arrives.

Predict upcoming projects

The ability to view your clients upcoming scheduled sample events per months even years in advance.

Automate bottle orders

Automated sample bottle order placement. No more last-minute rush your clients their sample bottles.

Project foresight

Incoming sample volume and test parameters are viewable when a sample project is initiated and underway.

See the SampleServe Lab App in action:

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