SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution
Project Management

Cannabis Sampling Management Tool

  • Sampling schedule set is simple and intuitive.
  • Grower and processor clients are set
    up in a matter of minutes and sample
    collection scheduling takes just
  • The sampling management tool
    directly communicates all sampling
    details to the sample technician.
  • Track sampling technician progress in
    real time.
SampleTHC Cannabis sampling and reporting
Sampling Cannabis with SampleTHC solutions
Cannabis Field App

Sampling Technician Field App

  • The field technician using the app receives all sampling details and instructions directly from the project management tool, automatically.
  • Photos and GPS of sampling locations and other significant features collected and available as part of the record.
  • The Project Manager can track field technician activity and progress in real-time and review data as it’s being collected.
  • Bar-coded and QR coded sample bottle labels are printed in the field at the time of sampling.
  • Leave a separate matching label on the bulk product container that the sample came from.
  • Results of testing accessed by scanning the label on the bulk product container.
  • Sample collection and custody is track in a clear and concise manner using our patented digital chain-of-custody (D-COC).
  • And immutable and precise GPS and timestamp are collected with each significant event like sample collection and/or custody transfer. Digital Chain-of-Custody is better than paper chain-of-custody.
  • QR coded custody seals for coolers are printed from the application. Know what’s in the cooler without having to open the cooler.
  • The application works with or without wireless data connection.
  • The digital chain-of-custody can be converted to paper chain of custody quickly and easily if needed.
Cannabis Lab App

Cannabis Lab Web and Mobile App

  • The digital chain-of-custody can be signed as received by your
    staff simply and easily.
  • All sample can be logged, and data entered in a matter of
    seconds by scanning the QR codes using our mobile laboratory
    application meaning more time for analysis and faster
    turnaround time.
Lab Application for Cannabis samples

Additional benefits

Even more ways to save time and improve your process.

View upcoming projects

The ability to view your clients upcoming scheduled sample events.

Forecast demand

Sample bottle inventory and demand can be forecasted.

Gain deeper insights

Incoming sample volume and test parameters are viewable when a sample project is initiated and underway.

Prioritize rush samples

Rush Samples are automatically flagged even before the sample arrives.

Improve communication

Connecting and notifying clients via the platform is simple.

Instant results

Allow your clients to view their results directly and instantly.

See the SampleServe Lab App in action:

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