Costs for Software

The price for the software is as follows:

The first 100 samples/statics per account in a 12-month period cost $7.00 per sample/static collected.

The next 101 – 400 samples/statics for that account in that same period cost $6.00 per sample/static collected.

From 401 and up, samples/statics per account collected in that period cost $5.00 per sample/static collected.


Total Per Year


1 - 100 $7.00
101 - 400 $6.00
401 - up $5.00


FAQs Regarding Pricing

If does the sampling, do I have to pay for the software too?

No. If does the sampling, we include the cost of the software in the sampling price. Prices for sample collection are issued on a site by site basis.

How and when do I pay?

We will bill your credit card monthly at the end of each month for samples/statics collected during that month. The year will start based on the date your account started with  We count samples based on your total overall account (not by the site), so the more sites and samples you collect on one account, the more you save due to the lower price per sample/static per account.

Can I upload historical data for a site and if so, how much does it cost?

Yes we can upload historical data. The one-time cost to upload historical data for a single site is $69/site. Historical data must be formatted to specific requirements.  An example of this format can be downloaded on the lab data upload page.

What if I don’t sample a site for over an entire year?

The minimum fee to maintain a site on the system is $39/year.  If you have not sampled in over 365-days, this fee to maintain the historical data will be charged.  For sites that have been closed or that require “no further action”, you can simple delete the site from the system prior to the 365-day period ending to avoid this fee.

Can I get to set up my sites for me?

Yes. would be happy to set up your sites for you in our system for a fee of $225/site.  We will need the well information and historical lab data submitted all at one time in an excel format. The fee includes up to 200 separate sample/well locations. Additional sample/well locations beyond 200 will be charged at $3/each. We will also need map images submitted in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. Up to three map images are included in the base set-up fee. Additional map image uploads are $35 each.

Does this fee include the smartphone/tablet application that is currently under development?

This fee does not include the smartphone/tablet application under development.  When the application is finally launched, anticipated to be September 2016, prices are will increase by $3 per sample in each volume category. However, for clients signed up prior to the launch day, current prices will remain in effect for an additional 12-months after the application launch date.