SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

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Download Our "Getting Started Checklist"

This is the document that helps you track your progress and guides your learning on how to use the SampleServe sampling and reporting platform. It’s simple to follow and the document is full of links to videos and other information on how to use the platform. The checklist is broken down into 6 easy steps and each step should take only 30 to 40 minutes, for a total time of 3 to 4 hours. You complete the document on our own, while we provide the guided instructions via scheduled web meetings. If you are inclined, you are free to proceed at your own schedule and we are available for questions when you need it.

Here's What You Will Learn

Introduction to our product suite to see which products work best for your needs

Environmental Project Management Tool

Get set up in less than 5 minutes. Create your project, add your team, add your site details and your up and running to receive your info-graphics and reports.

Environmental Field App

Forget about handwritten field reports. Load your data into the app, print sample labels in the field, and submit via digital chain-of-custody to save 20% of time and costs.

Environmental Lab App

Easily check in over 50 samples in less than 10 seconds with the lab app bar codes and QR codes reader. Easily submit lab results back to the project manager.