Monitoring Well Sampling Costs

Costs for monitoring well sampling varies and is based on the volume of samples needed, location of the sites, the method of sampling and type of pumps required. "low flow" sampling typically ranges between $95/well and $180/well.  Bailer sampling typically ranges between $65/well and $110/well. 

These prices includes all labor, mileage, equipment, ice, and supplies (field filters and bailers, if needed, are extra). When we are hired to do the sampling, the use of our report generation software for the site being sampled is included for free. Laboratory fees and shipping are not included.'s business model is different than most companies. We charge by the unit rate similar to the typical of a contracting company that specializes in it's field. We've sampled enough wells to know with reasonable certainty how long it will take "on average" to sample a well.  We price based on that knowledge.