SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Adopting Tech Into Environmental Compliance

June 9th 2pm ET.

What We're Covering

Corporate Environmental Managers want a platform that allows them to spot check any given engineering consultants work themselves, quickly and easily.

We believe simpler and more cost-effective, the better. Personnel time spent entering data and turning it into graphics is wasted time especially when modern software can do the same thing, more accurately, and have it done in an instant.

The SampleServe software is simple to use and to learn, you own and have complete access and control over all your data, anytime you want.

The best part is your environmental budget will love it!

Who should attend:

  • Environmental Compliance Managers
  • Property Owners
  • Client Manager

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The SampleServe platform was developed through our deep industry experience in both managing sampling projects and actual sampling in the field.

Mobile Field App

The mobile field app allows the field technician to collect and transmit all relevant environmental data including GPS and photos, and it also prints bar-coded and QR coded sample bottle labels in the field, at the time of sampling. The app saves the field person time, making them more productive, while also making them more accurate and efficient. Using SampleServe's web and mobile application we save the field sampling crew roughly 20% of their time on a typical sample collection investigation.

SampleServe Overview

SampleServe SampleENV environmental sampling and reporting

A better way to manage environmental projects

SampleServe’s solution to the outdated methodology of writing down data on paper forms and filling out sample bottle labels and chain-of-custody by hand, is an application that ties together all the different users under one platform.

The Business Case for Using SampleServe

Data Cycle

The SampleServe software platforms is design from the ground up to account for each of the user types in the environmental project data cycle. Each user group has specifically designed functionality for their particular data needs. Data is digital right from the start and stays digital for repeated cycles and reporting. No paper necessary.

User Callaboration

Collaboration amongst users is simple. Each project has unlimited users and a list view into who has access and at what capacity. Invitations are easily sent inviting people to a single project or a group of projects. Should a project change management between consulting firms or just individual project managers, it's simply a matter of inviting and uninviting certain users.

Bottleneck Elimination

With the SampleServe platform, report production bottlenecks are eliminated. With most other report production platforms (GIS, AutoCAD, etc..), only certain users have access to the software and/or the skills to generate the needed graphics and images. The SampleServe platform is designed to be intuitive and simple. Training of all aspects of the platform typically takes a total of 3 to 4 hours. Any user with a basic understanding of environmental principles and the investigation and reporting process, can be up and running and proficient with the platform in less than one day. Many users require little to no in-person training as self-training can be conducted via our collection of “how to” videos that are available for each aspect and feature of the platform. When bottlenecks are eliminated, work gets done more efficiently, it gets done faster, and more time is spent on problem evaluation and creative solutions.
SampleServe QR Coded Sample Bottle Labels

Data Integration

Historical data can be pulled from any number of current existing enterprise platforms. Files can export from those platforms and uploaded directly into SampleServe simply and easily. Most of the time this is a simple data file drag and drop process. Data can also be exported from SampleServe at anytime and uploaded back into those same platforms. This can be done either via a manual export/import function or a more automated Application Program Interface (API) function. APIs can be built and then utilized for the automated export/import. Cooperation and permission for the selected enterprise platform will be required for the automated API export/import function to work.

Simple Fees

SampleServe fees are based on project sampling and reporting activity. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly or annual fees, and no fees based on the number of users. You can have as manyusers as needed for a successful project; you decide. Because we bill by the sample, small projects have small fees and larger projects have larger fees. SampleServe fees are very predictable and affordable.
SampleServe Digital Chain of Custody

The Billable Hour Business Model

The SampleServe business model is a basic all-inclusive unit rate based on the number of samples collected, which is determined by a separate third-party based on scientific need. Unlike a lot of work products and working scenarios in the world the predominant business model in the environmental industry is “time and materials”. This under this model, efficiency is punished, not rewarded.

No Fees for Dormant/Inactive Sites

When a project is dormant or in a natural attenuation phase and only being sampled once per year, the fees charged only occur proportional to the sampling activity. While a site is pending closure of has been closed pending monitoring well removal, there are no fees associated with that site. Fees are only charged when samples are collected. The data availability and reporting functionality remains active for 18-months after the last sample has been collected. No projects or data will be removed or archived without notice to the account holder and able opportunity to download and archive all existing project data.

Cost savings

The cost savings from project to project and even sampling event to sampling event will vary. However, the increased efficiency will transcend all types of projects and all types of OM&M activities. A typical quarterly sampling event is summarized using “time & materials, billed-by-the-hour” method using the traditional project management tools and GIS/AutoCAD techniques for preparing reports. It’s then summarized using the SampleServe software platform and mobile field app again using time and materials. These types of numbers and savings ranges have been verified by multiple current users. In fact, the more samples that are collected and reported in an event, the higher the savings percentage rises.  Our management and reporting takes just seconds per event no matter how many samples are collected or how much data is involved, whereas, using traditional methods, the unit of time is proportional to the number of samples.  The more samples collected and requiring to be reported on using the traditional GIS/AutoCAD techniques, the longer the data entry and reporting takes.

Due Diligence Projects - Phase IIs

The SampleServe platform is an excellent tool for managing, scheduling, coordinating sampling during Phase II due diligence projects. It’s especially useful when large volumes of properties are being investigated simultaneously. Historicaldata is easily uploaded and then augmented by new data during the field investigations and transaction. It can then also seamlessly transition within SampleServe for additional ongoing work and sampling if needed.

Getting Started Is Easy

6 steps of getting started with started with SampleENV