SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

SampleH2O Is Designed To Get Any Lab Started Quickly

We've broken the process into four easy steps. Total time to get started can take one to two days!

Getting Started with SampleH2O

SampleServe Pathway to Success

Multiple Workshops can be completed in one session

Step 1


The first step to getting started is quick and simple. We will provide a proposal including any possible sample discounts based on annual samples. Afterwards a contract will be prepared including an initial sign up fee.

  • Proposal
  • Contract
  • Sign up fee
SampleServe Sampling and Reporting solutions
Printer for SampleH2O bottle labels
Step 2

Acquire Hardware & Setup Workspace

A thermal printer is the only hardware required to print our customized labels. This step also includes setting up your personalized email for reports, adding your logos, and training staff via live video demonstration. (30 Mins)

  • Acquire Printer
  • Setup Email
  • Add Logos
  • Personal Training
Step 3

Assemble Kits

This step is easy! Assembling kits includes picking the tests you provide (Lead, Copper, Bac-T, E. Coli, Nitrite/Nitrates) and applying appropriate labels to each. Kits will also contain a small instruction list for clients as well. Kits can be assembled differently according to clients needs.

  • Apply Labels to Bottles
  • Assemble Kits according to clients needs
SampleH2O Drinking water testing kit
SampleH2O drinking water testing progressive web application
Step 4


Clients can pick up kits in person or receive in the mail. Track when the sample information is collected. Receive Kits and login samples in seconds. When results are ready, enter results and send reports in a flash.

  • Distribute Kits to Customers
  • Receive Kits and Log Samples in Seconds
  • Quickly Enter Results
  • Send Reports Automatically

Start Using SampleH2O in a matter of days!

SampleH2O works out of the box, and is built to streamline your sample login and reporting process

Sign Up

Contract/Sign-up is quick and simple

Get Setup

We're there to help get you started fast with personal coaching and training

Assemble Kits

As simple as printing and adding labels

Cut your login and reporting time

Once receiving kits you'll see how quick processing samples can be