SampleServe Sampling and Reporting Digital Solution

Pricing & Equipment Leasing

Pricing for Groundwater Sampling and Surface Water Sampling

There is no charge to use the mobile field app for groundwater sampling, soil sampling, and surface water sampling. There also is no charge to use the project management tool for scheduling events and lab communication.

The cost to use the report preparation features is based on the total number of samples collected. We charge $15.00 per sample collected. The number of analytical parameters, bottles filled, or labels printed doesn’t affect pricing. A sample is based on a unique sample ID collected on a unique date. Regardless of whether you subscribe to the reporting features, the project management tool and mobile sampling app are free, and all field sampling data can be downloaded from the platform as a simple excel file and pdf at no charge.

As an example; a typical gas station with 10 samples collected in a given month will cost $150 to access the report preparation features.

Once a sample has been paid for, the resulting data is available for inclusion in all reports from that point forward. You do not have to pay for that sample again. All historical lab and field data can be uploaded at no charge.

Discounts may be available for large volume sampling clients. Contact a representative to discuss.

We estimate that the mobile field app saves field technicians roughly  20% or their time on field sampling and data collection. The lab app is estimated to save labs about 10% of their overall lab labor costs on data entry and miss-key labor.  We also estimate the project management tool reduces costs and increases the efficiency and communication of a Project Manager and we estimate we cut report preparation costs by about 80%, on most standard reports.

Equipment Lease Program

Clients have the option to lease hardware bundle(s) for $149 per month per bundle. A “bundle” comes with a 10.1” Samsung TAB A tablet, protective case, Zebra ZQ520 thermal label printer, and various tablet and printer charging accessories. Our custom polyvinyl sample bottle labels are provided at no cost to reporting feature subscribing customers.

The $149 per month equipment lease fee includes a credit of 10-samples per month towards per sample reporting feature subscription expenses. Sample credits do not accumulate and expire at the end of each month.

Hardware can also be purchased through SampleServe and comes pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box. Hardware purchased through SampleServe is covered with a one-year manufacturer warranty and does not include the monthly sampling credits.

Contact SampleServe at to sign up for the equipment lease option.

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