Pricing for Groundwater Sampling and Surface Water Sampling

There is no charge for the mobile field sampling application for groundwater sampling and surface water sampling. The project management tool in the platform is also free to use . Data from all field sampling and lab analysis can be downloaded from the platform as a simple csv or excel file at no charge.

After a 30-day free trial, the cost for the report preparation features is $15.00 per sample collected.  The number of parameters analyzed, bottles filled, or labels printed does not affect the pricing. The $15.00 fee is based on each unique sample ID collected on a unique sampling date.

As an example, a typical gas station with 10 samples collected on for a single sampling event will make the cost for access to the report preparation application, $150. The typical report for most small to midsize sampling projects will cost between $150 - $350 dollars and is dependent on the number of samples collected. 

Once a unique sample has been paid for, the resulting data is available for inclusion in all standard reports generated at any time from that point forward. You do not have to pay for that sample again. Discounts may be available for large volume sampling clients. Contact a representative to discuss.

From now until March 31st, 2020, new clients are able to upload as many sites as they want with all historical lab and field data uploaded at no charge. Reports generated that include historical data (data previous to the date the project is established in the platform) can be generated at no charge. After March 31st, there will be a $0.50 fee per sample to upload historical data, with a maximum charge capped at $800.00.

We estimate that the mobile field app saves field technicians roughly 15% - 20% or their time in the field and the lab app saves labs about 5%- 10% of their overall lab labor costs on data entry and miss-key labor. 

We know the project management tool reduces costs and increases the efficiency and communication of a Project Manager and we estimate we cut report preparation costs by about 80%, on most reports.