SampleServe Advances To Top 5 for the Scale Up North, Emerging Business Award

Thursday 2,27,2020 The SampleServe Team set up our mini booth for the Scale Up North Awards Showcase, with a challenge to be creative and stand out in the crowd of the Top 10 selected for the Emerging Business Award, along with the top 10 selected for the Hagerty Scaling Business Award. 

We certainly drew attention with our hi-vis gear, friendly faces, and unique environmental sampling software. The team did a great job talking through demos of our Environmental Field App and printing sample labels in the field as well as showcasing the SampleServe Patent for Digital Chain-of-Custody (DCOC). 

Top 10 Scale Up North Awards

The DCOC patent digitizes the standard legal Chain-of-Custody process for passing Samples from the Field Tech or person taking the samples all the way through to the Lab Technician. The DCOC process provides a transparent and extremely accurate understanding of the who, when, and where of the samples with the SampleServe patent 3-part authentication process. 

SamplesServe’s 3-part authentication includes user name & password used when logging into both the Field App and Lab App, a digital signature, and a selfie to confirm the identity of the person. A date, time stamp, and GPS coordinate is also captured during this process. 

Enjoy a few fun SampleServe Selfies from the Scale Up North Showcase Event demos. 

SampleServe Demo Selfies From The Scale Up North Showcase

On Leap Day, February 29th, 2020 the Scale Up North Judges were tasked with a very difficult decision to narrow the field of Scale Up North Awards to Top 10 total for both award categories. 

Top 5 Businesses were advanced for the Hagerty Scaling Award category and SampleServe advanced to the Top 5 for the Emerging Business Award category. We couldn’t be more proud of our team and growth. 

The team enjoyed the site visit from the Judges with continued questions and discussion as to why SampleServe stands out compared to the other 4 businesses in the Emerging Business category. 

Scale Up North Judges Site Visit

A warm thank you to the Traverse Connect team and all the Judges for their time to put this great event together.

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